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Expense Tracking

Made Easier, Simpler and Faster


Expense Tracking

End-to-end expense tracking enables your organization to lower the processing cost and increases policy compliance. Add expenses in expense report and upload receipts to meet compliance and audit requirements.

Forget the Excel Docs to Manage Your Expenses.

It is non-secure, high risk and put your company in trouble with millions of dollars of lawsuit.


Receipt Scanning

HRMatrix makes your work easier and effortless. You just need to upload the receipt and click the scan button, then HRMatrix provides you with an accurate date and total price mentioned on the receipt.


Expense Management

Easy expense submission with a few clicks. Automated multi-level approval works flow makes the approval process better and faster.


Accurate Expense Reimbursement

HRMatrix expense tracking enables your company to reimburse employees quickly. Make your company accounts accurate and up to date for audits and compliance.


Expense Analytics

HRMatrix expense tracking gives you real-time insight on what, where and each kind of expense incurred. This makes your company better manage expense policy and enforce controls on company spend. The first impression always lasts long, and employee retention is always a key factor for company growth. Employees are the core element in creating a company reputation.

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