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Best Paid Time Off Software

Time-Off Management Software


Time-off Management

Your time-off balances are consolidated in a single place where you can see each time-off type with accrual balance and submit the time-off request with a few clicks.

Forget the Excel Docs to Keep Your Employee Data.

It is non-secure, high risk and put your company in trouble with millions of dollars of lawsuit.


Time-off Submission Tracking

Your employees have the insight to track time-off request status in real-time if those are approved yet or still in a pending state. Pull back the time-off request if the plan is changed, and the approved time will be added back to the time-off bank with paid time off software.

Error Free

Time-off Accruals with pto tracking software

Time-off accruals are tracked in a single place with current balances. An employee can see how much time-off is left in each type, so they can plan accordingly. A better-informed employee will produce a better outcome for the organization.


Time-off Accruals History with PTO Management Software

HRMatrix shows in detail how each time-off type accruals are accumulated and consumed. There is no hassle of counting them in excel docs or paper files. Built-in logic will get the job done for you by calculating the different time-off types.


In Accrual Adjustment

If you find any mismatch in the time-off accrual total. HRMatrix gives you the flexibility of adjusting it right away. It provides you with the total control of making changes to be on top of time-off accruals accuracy.


Who Is In and Who is Out Calendar

Plan your time-off by clearly visibility of who is in and who is out of the office calendar. It gives the management visibility to monitor the impact on organizational productivity. Also, teams can manage time-off effectively among themselves.


Approval Workflows

HRMatrix lets you create any number of time-off approval workflows with any number of approvers from individual employees to roles. Agile time-off approvals from every angle.


Time-off Policy Management Engine

It lets you create any kind of policy with different pre-built criteria. The magic happens after this, it starts calculating the accruals to make you worry-free. The policy criteria can be changed at any time to fit the changing needs.

Multilingual Time off Management

Multilinguistic Time-off Management and Tracking System

HRMatrix gives you the flexibility of adjusting it right away in different languages especially Arabic. Now an employee can see how much time-off is left in each type in Arabic to plan accordingly. We are providing management visibility in any language you need to monitor the impact on organizational productivity.

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