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Onboarding Made Easy

Made Easier, Faster, and Simpler


Onboarding Experience

HRMatrix enables you to create an effective plan that helps smooth and effective onboarding of a new hire. A better first-day experience always makes a difference the way people think about your company. Prepare yourself and your team to welcome the new arrival. Create an assigned task list, so everyone can get the things done on time before the arrival of a new hire and make you fully prepared. Better, faster and simpler onboarding and it is even made easier.

Get Better ROI with Real-Time Project Cost Tracking

Track Project Actuals and Projected Cost in Real-Time.


New Hire Feel Welcome

Real-Time analytic gives you the visibility of the actual spending with budgeted cost and the forecasted cost. Historical data helps you to make decisions on future spending and better manage project costs. Get a consolidated view of project hours, expenses, actuals and projected costs in a unified view.

Task Management

Real-Time Task Management

HRMatrix enables you to create a welcome package and send it to the new hire employee onboarding software. It has all the details about where to come, and who to meet with, relevant contact details, location, and other instructions about the first day. Give a warm welcome experience to the new hire, and it leaves a long-term impact on your company. Employees always talk about their first-day experience.


Employee from Day One

HRMatrix enables you to send docs with a few clicks. Proactive employee engagement gives peace of mind to the new hire. This creates a relaxed first-day experience and lessens the first-day anxiety of a new hire. The completion of docs is done on time and the employee is productive from day one.


Intro of New Hire

HRMatrix enables the new hire remote onboarding to introduce to the team. Knowing each other creates a personal connection with the new hire and builds a healthy and welcoming culture for the organization. The first impression always lasts long, and employee retention is always a key factor for company growth. Employees are the core element in creating a company reputation.


New Hire Onboarding Paperless

HRMatrix makes the new hire onboarding process paperless. New hiring process can sign the document electronically from anywhere in the world. No long delays on document signing. Multiple people can sign the documents by setting up signee’s flows. Easier, faster and smarter onboarding!

Recruiters Availability Timings

Interview Scheduling Calendar

HRMatrix delivers an outstanding experience for both candidates and interviewers. Interviewers can choose an available time in just a few clicks, interviewers are never double-booked, and reschedules are quick and easy. Recruiters or Interviewers can see their availability timings in the calendar. Candidates also get an alert and their interview easily scheduled on calendar through an email.

Multilingual Onboarding Experience

Multilinguistic New Hire Onboarding

HRMatrix offers the best new employee onboarding management system HR module in different languages also in Arabic to suit all your business needs which can also be customized according to the demand of your organization or business. It helps you to Hire overseas talent.

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