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Step-by-Step Guide: Effective Onboarding Process

The process of integrating a new employee into a company is known as onboarding. It is a crucial period for the employee as well as the business because it lays the groundwork for a long-lasting and fruitful partnership.

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Best Geofence Time Clock Apps in Dubai

Geofence time clock apps are growing in popularity in Dubai as businesses look for new ways to track people's work time and attendance.

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Top HR Outsourcing Companies in Dubai

Top HR Outsourcing Companies in Dubai - The top freelance HR Outsourcing companies in Dubai, UAE.

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HR Industry Trends 2023

HR teams must follow these latest HR Trends in 2023 to decrease the HR industry's loss. Read this article to stay up-to-date about future HR Trends.

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The Role Of HR Technology in the Employee Lifecycle

, HR professionals need to remain current on the most recent HR technology trends and HRMatrix HRM solutions to perform their jobs effectively. By doing so, you can ensure that you are making use of the tools that are the most effective for managing your workforce and achieving the goals that you have set for your organization.

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Benefits of HR Conferences

The best HR conferences offer valuable opportunities to further your professional development and refine your organization’s HR processes, all while giving you some much-needed time away from the workplace!

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HRM Case Studies wih Solutions

HR case studies play vital roles in human resource management, personnel management, and other related courses. They include a detailed description of a simulated or real-life decision-making scenario.

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Latest HR Trends 2023

New HR trends in 2023 are crucial to maintaining the HR industry's workflow. Recruiters and HR teams want to follow future directions, but several queries are going across in their minds.

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Geofence Time Clock Mobile App

Take control of your field workers’ labor costs with our easy to use HRMatrix employee time clock app for iOS and Android, with geofencing technology.

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Geo-Attendance the better location based Time & Attendance software

Geo-Attendance works using the GPS technology and the attendance software uses the concept of ‘Geo-Fencing’ to track the location of the employee to confirm if present in the designated area with time marking, making it easy to HR team.

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What’s a Productive Mindset

A productive mindset is a necessity in order to progress as an individual and as an employee. That’s why HRMatrix is here to discuss important tips and methods to increase the healthiness of your mindset in order to maintain productivity.

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When is the Appropriate Time to Call it Quits with an Employee?

While it is very important that you encourage your employees to meet their potential by helping them through rough patches at work, it is equally as important to identify when an employee is intentionally avoiding reciprocity.

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Geofencing Attendance Software

Geofencing attendance software is defined as creating a virtual boundary around a real-world location or object, through which a device, an asset or a person can be detected and monitored when entering or exiting the boundary.

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Geofencing Technology for Automated Attendance Tracking

HRMatrix is a HR software with attendance tracking feature that may be used both on-premise and in the cloud. The cloud support assures that it allows employees to view data from any location. This allows the attendance tracking software to track the attendance of employees based in different parts of the world.

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How Can Geofencing Help Your Business?

Geofencing can also be helpful to implement in the workplace. Some geofences are set up to monitor activity in secure areas, allowing management to see alerts when anyone enters or leaves a specific area.

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