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Mobile app for attendance tracking- HRMatrix Time and Attendance

A mobile app for attendance tracking can be a boon for both employees and employers. Employees can help them stay on top of their hours and ensure they get the proper credit for their work

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How To Have a Productive Monday

Returning to the workplace after a weekend that’s rendered you sleepless can be difficult. It’s hard to recuperate after an eventful Sunday however, all, if not, many of us want to remain productive the moment we hit the weekdays. HRMatrix is here to discuss the tips and tricks on how to combat a tiring Monday to keep up the productivity and attain success faster.

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How to Manage Work with ADHD

Managing multiple tasks and responsibilities throughout your workday can already be quite stressful and we understand that it’s even more difficult when you have ADHD. HRMatrix is here to discuss the tips you need to remain productive in a manner that is tailored to your method of functionality.

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Be Mindful of Your Mental Health

Mental health is often overlooked in the workplace as businesses demand employees to maintain a consistent level of productivity regardless of how they feel or how they are doing mentally. It is important that employees remain mindful of their mental health because negligence will eventually lead to a substantial decrease in productivity or it can cause burnout

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Ways to Track Employee Attendance

Employees play a crucial role in the growth and productivity of any business or company. Hence, the attendance of the employees is also important for the company.

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How to Earn a Bonus

Earning a well-deserved bonus is something most employees seek and HRMatrix is here to provide you the necessary tips and tricks to advance in your career.

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How to Maintain Progress

Maintaining progress is one of the most important skills to possess in the workplace as it is essentially a testament to your work ethic. When you remain consistent, management notices.

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Why Your HR Should Choose an Efficient Resume Parser for The Recruitment Process

The most difficult part of the hiring process is narrowing the pool of candidates for a particular position, but recruiting has its own share of difficulties. It is tough to overcome the challenges of Data Extraction.

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How Does Facial Recognition in Time Clocks Work?

The advanced face recognition algorithm allows the process to take place in less than a second, preventing people from forming lines at entrances/exits.

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Cloud-based attendance system proved their worth in managing a hybrid workforce

Cloud-based attendance system proved their worth in managing a hybrid workforce. It enables employees to remain connected, mark attendance and enjoy better life balance. Since it is capable of tracking and monitoring remote and on-site employees, it is best suited for business relays on hybrid teams.

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How to Deal with Employees That Have a Negative Attitude

Not all employees enter the workplace with positive attitudes and motivated mindsets. It is your responsibility to monitor your employees to make sure that the workplace environment is functioning at a healthy level

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How to Transition into New Workplace

Diving into a new workplace can be daunting as there might be aspects of your new job that are entirely different from those you are accustomed to.

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Red Flags in Employees

HRMatrix is here to discuss depleting interest, poor time management, the inability to follow directions, and self-centered interests. These are a few of many red flags that emerge when an employee is not sincere about their position at the workplace however, these specific indicators come up first.

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How Can HR Do Better?

As we continue to progress in the workplace, it is crucial that we address how HR can do better to benefit employees and amplify the atmosphere’s level of healthiness.

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Task Management

Regardless of whether you are the employee or the employer, task management is a very difficult matter when you are overwhelmed with a number of responsibilities. That is why HRMatrix is here to help you break down the process of task management.

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