A Face Recognition Based Attendance Systems

Being watched or monitored is a normal worry for a lot of people. This is the reason facial recognition has been slow to be accepted and accepted across a variety of sectors. One particular area of work that could gain the most benefit from facial recognition, however, is attendance systems. The benefits of the Face Recognition Based Attendance System can be found in schools as well as offices, events and many more.

The majority of us can remember attending schools as the teacher calling our names/registered numbers and us shouting back "PRESENT Ma'am!". The situation could quickly be changed with the introduction of facial recognition technology in these systems.

What is the way that Faces Recognition Based Attendance Work and Benefits of a Face Recognition-Based Attendance Systems?

As you are likely to be aware facial recognition systems require databases or a pre-recorded set of data to evaluate images taken and recognize faces.

A recent report from China revealed that a Chinese school has implemented the technology of facial recognition in classrooms to track students' behaviour (Source: BusinessInsider).

Similar to this cameras could be used to track students and document their attendance to classes. When schools receive photos to fill out forms and other documents, students' names could be added to databases to track their attendance at their respective classes.

Many government buildings and offices employ biometric technology for recording during working hours and limiting access to those who are authorized. While facial recognition is being utilized in several countries to facilitate this, however, they still depend on fingerprint scanners due to the less chance of fraud and duplication. The drawback to this is that capturing fingerprints is a process that requires a bit more effort.

One of the most intriguing uses of facial recognition for attendance systems is the attendance of events. The use of this technology has many advantages, particularly for large-scale events. Most events, including large-scale corporate conferences as well as music festivals, depend on passes, tickets as well as scanning barcodes.

When the numbers of attendees reach the mid-sixteens or the thousands the inefficiency of the current systems begins to show. Scanning barcodes and checking tickets is a process that may be time-consuming based on many factors.

Implementing facial recognition will help reduce the inefficiency of these systems since the most advanced facial recognition technology can complete the task in just two seconds. It's just the matter of collecting photos of guests at the time of distributing tickets for events.

This will also lessen instances of ticket reselling as well in the event of lost or stolen tickets being used by those who aren't the actual purchasers of these tickets.

Following what has been said and completed, a face recognition based attendance system can greatly help a variety of industries. The time savings and the reduction of human error make for an efficient process. At HRMatrix we are constantly striving to create the top facial recognition technology for businesses of all kinds. This is just the beginning of facial recognition, and we are confident that we have the potential to achieve more.

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