Many companies and big organizations have already shifted from using wet-ink signatures to electronic signature software for signing important documents, like agreements, financial statements, balance sheets, contracts, etc. Such demand for this technology is due to surging security concerns among entrepreneurs, an attempt to reduce the usage of paper in offices, and the desire to increase productivity. While supporting these initiatives, the number of countries worldwide which endorse the legal validity of e-signatures is rising rapidly.

The retail sector, logistics companies, banks, and financial firms are just a small part of those industries that already leverage the advantages of digitalization. However, we’re going to talk about the use of e-signatures specifically by human resources (HR) departments. The benefits described below will help HR professionals process and track dozens of documents that employees typically need to sign.

We’ll only be covering five major advantages of e-signature software, but actually, the list is significantly longer:

1- Speed up employee onboarding and recruiting processes

When companies waste precious time to get signatures from new talent for nondisclosure agreements (NDA), annual reviews, training forms, insurance policies, etc., competitor HR departments have the opportunity to snap up such “in limbo” personnel. Delaying signatures can derail even the most diligent recruitment effort. This process sometimes can last hours, days, or even weeks, thereby impeding the speed of hiring.

While antiquated HRs are dealing with a stack of employees’ documents and slogging through the print-and-scan routine, the most experienced specialists will accept an offer from more progressive – and quicker on the signing and hiring trigger – companies. Instead of attracting fresh talent, HRs still signing the 20th-century way will be losing it.

Thankfully, days of such irrational use of human, time, and material resources may sink into oblivion. HRMatrix gives any HR team the capability to automate administrative tasks, digitize paperwork, and revolutionize the way it performs its duties and acquires talent.

2- Make a good first impression on the younger generation

Given that Millennials will make up more than 50 percent of the labor force in the immediate future, you should keep in mind they are being raised in a highly technological age.

3- Track the status of your document in real time

Waiting for any document to be signed by hand could become tiresome – and usually at the most urgent times. It’s hard to know whether the signers received your files or not, if they signed in all places indicated, or which of the contracts has been forgotten and now lay buried on someone’s desk in a remote office.

Take heart and breathe deep. This is an issue forever be solved.

With e-signature services, you can monitor the status of your documents in real-time. The app will send you important notifications on any changes made to the document, as well as information on its status, whether the file is being sent, waiting for a signature, or completed. No more guesswork and unneeded follow-ups, so you can spend more time working and less time tracking down signatures.

4- Work from anywhere in the world

HR managers’ work is full of frequent business trips and various professional conferences. Here goes another great plus of e-signature adoption: the absence of an HR manager from the office won’t affect the workflow of your company. Managers will be able to contact employees from any part of the world and sign necessary documents immediately, even on the go, without the need for printers, faxes or scanners.

Furthermore, most e-signature services provide an offline mode, which means that your HR manager will be able to smoothly continue working even with sporadic or no internet connection.

5- Save money by cutting unnecessary costs

Apart from the fact that e-signature apps relieve HR teams from the old print-and-scan routine and streamline their workflow, the technology also provides tangible economic savings. Relatively speaking, costs for paper, stamps, or toner are relatively minor but can add up. These costs are slashed by digital documentation. In addition, e-signature software can significantly reduce all courier fees, various administrative costs, and office space rent

(needed to store documents).

Why burn through a significant percentage of your bottom line? Avoid these expenses with an e-signature solution.

In today’s tight labor market, amid the battle to acquire the best candidates, only productive and effective HR teams will claim victory. With HRMatrix electronic signature HR module, you get a not-so-secret weapon to succeed.