Large and medium-sized businesses with more than 50-100 employees benefit greatly from facial recognition readers. With this option, employees' hours can be tracked securely, and the temperature of the entry point can be displayed at any time. The devices transmit information directly to time and attendance systems and are compatible with clocking devices.

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The features you should look for in a time and attendance system

The number of systems on the market can make it hard to choose the one that is right for your business. There are several things to consider when shopping for a system.

  • Flexible time-tracking options: Choose a system that allows employees to track their hours in multiple ways, including via an internet-connected computer, smartphone, tablet, timeclock, telephone, or text message.

  • Accurate timekeeping: A good time and attendance system ensure that companies pay their employees for the actual time they work, not the scheduled hours.  

  • Tracking for all time issues: Choose a system that takes care of all your time-related needs, rather than one that only allows employees to punch in and out. Employee scheduling and PTO management are included in this function. To determine how long your employees work on specific projects, you may also need a system that offers job-tracking logs.

  • Mobile compatibility: Because many employees and managers now work outside the office, you need a system that is compatible with mobile devices. Your remote workers can not only clock in and out but also track their locations so you know they're working where they're supposed to be. When it comes to restricting where employees can clock in and out or recording their exact start and end locations, technology can be extremely useful.

  • Ease of use: Search for a system that is easy to use, has an uncluttered interface and allows employee self-service. The system should not be hard to learn and certainly shouldn’t require hours of training.

  • Integrations: Choose a system that integrates with the applications and software that you already use, such as your HR and payroll programs. 

  • Proactive alerts: Some systems provide notifications when employees are nearing overtime or forget to clock in or out. This can help control expenses.

Audit trail features: The ability to view original timesheet data, along with any changes made by a manager or supervisor, can be crucial in case of an audit.

The cost structure of time and attendance systems 

It depends on whether you choose a cloud-based or on-premises solution for your time and attendance system. There is typically a smaller monthly fee for cloud-based systems, while there is a larger one-time fee for on-premises systems.

You pay all your costs upfront with on-premises systems. For the software, licenses for each employee, and installation, you can expect to pay several hundred to several thousand dollars. Subsequently, there are no monthly fees. Support and software updates are not usually included in the one-time costs.

Most cloud-based services charge per-employee fees between $1 and $10 per month. Some cloud services charge a monthly subscription fee.

Some providers charge a one-time setup and implementation fee. Your monthly expenses include all software upgrades and support, unlike on-premises systems.

If you choose either of these options, you may also have to pay for a timeclock. A variety of time and attendance systems are available in time clocks.

Timeclocks can be operated by PINs, swipe cards, proximity cards, or biometrics such as fingerprints or facial scans. The cost of your clock will depend on its complexity. A basic clock usually costs a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand dollars over a sophisticated biometric clock.

HRMatrix offers facial recognition time clocks. Your company will benefit from better time tracking and reduced time fraud with our biometric time clocks and facial recognition software. With this tool, businesses can provide touchless access to the workplace in a secure, reliable, COVID-safe manner. Businesses can take advantage of this feature for a brief time at no cost to ensure that their workplaces are secure.