Mental health is often overlooked in the workplace as businesses demand employees to maintain a consistent level of productivity regardless of how they feel or how they are doing mentally. It is important that employees remain mindful of their mental health because negligence will eventually lead to a substantial decrease in productivity or it can cause burnout. In order to avoid a significant decrease in mental health, HRMatrix is here to discuss tips that can benefit you on a daily basis. We will be discussing energy monitoring, breaks, and successful communication to help mitigate poor mental health and avoid burnout overall.

Monitor Your Energy

Firstly, it is important that you monitor your energy. This is key for mindfulness. Monitoring your energy is an intuitive process and it begins with listening to your body as your body sends out signals that are essentially indicative of your mental health. Are you lethargic throughout the week for weeks? Are you unable to remain physically active? Your energy can be found in general motivation. If you feel uninspired or disinterested in overall productivity, this may imply that your mental health is suffering. Your energy is very telling of how you’re doing mentally.

Take Breaks

Sometimes, taking a break is all you need to recharge yourself. Even the smallest and simplest acts of effort can help you go a long way. Keep this in mind especially when you are experiencing an afternoon crash. Maybe your workload might be overwhelming and you are rethinking your capabilities. It’s important that you redirect your thoughts and avoid blaming yourself as this can be an obstruction. Take breaks, and in your breaks, you should not be doing work. You should not even be completing tasks outside of our job. This is time dedicated to you to recharge your mind.


If you are still struggling with mental health at work, you should communicate how you are feeling. It doesn’t matter if you are confiding in a coworker, a friend, or HR. You need to find someone to talk to as this can relieve your encumbering thoughts. Taking care of yourself is something you deserve. Understand that you are surely not alone in your struggle, so reach out! Your mental well-being is more important than anything else you are comparing your value to. You should also consider therapy as this can help you destress and communicate without any fear of being judged as it is the therapist’s job to listen.