Can Hr Develop Leaders?

The short but definitive answer is yes, HR can most certainly develop leaders within the workplace. It is a matter of producing the right information and support to help employees realize their strengths and improve on their weaknesses. The important thing is HR has leverage and their ability to connect with employees is conducive to the process of creating genuine and productive leaders. Allow HRMatrix to guide you through the process of implementing leadership mindsets and qualities into your employees. Although it’s not a tricky process, it is not an easy one either. You cannot tell your employees to behave as leaders and expect them to immediately, or ever, implement it. This initiative comes with patience as it takes time to raise and grow leaders. 

Firstly, partner with management and provide employees a leadership training seminar to get the basic and rudimentary tips out. Let them absorb the basics. After the seminar, hold a meeting in which employees are able to ask questions and express their perspectives. Ask what their thoughts are and how they resonate with the seminar. The goal is not to weed out the employees that are ready to be leaders, the goal is to bring everyone to that level. Take note of how employees would delegate responsibilities and manage a workplace if they were in the position of leader. 

Do not be afraid to correct them. It doesn’t have to be harsh and you don’t have to directly tell them they are wrong. Raising leaders is a delicate thing and employees can be startled as some lack the self-esteem and confidence that is definitely needed when becoming a leader. Try to suggest and nudge them down the correct path and have them look at the pros and cons of their mindsets in comparison to a leader’s perspective. 

It’s okay if some employees prefer not to embody and manifest the mindset of a leader in a literal sense. So maybe okay with their current jobs and positions, but the doesn't mean you stop introducing methods that develop leaders. Regardless of whether they remain at the same desk or advance, you should provide tips and general leadership guidance because the qualities of a leader are much appreciated even in the positions below. 

Try to give your employees the room to grow and make mistakes so they are able to learn and understand their best and worst skills. Telling an employee what they need to work on and what they need to be consistent with does not develop a leader. HRMatrix is suggesting you develop leaders, and that is an entire and lengthy process that requires patience, support, and observation. 

Let your employees grow into the position of a leader. Provide them quality tips and guidance and give them the opportunity to share their ideas. It important to understand it takes the effort of both parties to raise a functional and effective leader.