Help New Employees Acclimate

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The first thing you’re going to do is introduce your employees. This should transpire in a very natural dynamic to allow the employees to acclimate. Let your employees socialize and further acquaint themselves with the people they are about to work with. Allowing your employees to organically contribute to the social dynamics of the workplace will increase the probability of successfully acclimating to their new job.

Encourage Don’t Force

It can be a little difficult to differentiate the two but encouragement is a lot more appropriate and beneficial than forcing. While there is a fine line between the two, the major difference is that encouragement is accepting of one’s autonomy whereas forcing does not. Forcing a new hire to acclimate does not render corresponding results and actually scares the employee away. Instead, give them space and be kind when you are encouraging the employee to familiarize themselves with the workplace and staff.

Make Them Feel Comfortable 

Acclimating to a new environment is daunting to everyone as our first instinct is to fear what we don’t know. After introducing the new hire to everyone and every department, make sure they feel comfortable. Observe their body language and ask questions that can help you receive answers on their sociability and workplace-related environmental preferences. Engaging with your new employees with a genuine interest can help them ease into the workplace at a quicker rate than you think!

Follow Up

Lastly, you should follow up with your new hires to make sure everything is running smoothly. You never know! Your employees might not be able to function well independently immediately. That is why it is your responsibility as management to ensure their comfort and keep tabs on their rate of acclimation. You don’t have to be so direct as some employees by not being direct about their level of comfort in the new workplace. Be casual and genuine.

Be Accepting

Sometimes, your employees are unable to sincerely acclimate to the workplace. You have to be accepting of the reality that is not in favor of you or the new hire. Keep an open mind if you are in this situation. More importantly, be accepting of what could happen. This HRMatrix article will help you seek better resolutions to help make the new employee feel like a good fit for the job and workplace. Listen to them and have an open conversation.