Earning a well-deserved bonus is something most employees seek and HRMatrix is here to provide you the necessary tips and tricks to advance in your career. Aligning your prospects takes mental agility, preparation, and accurate execution as you are striving to stand out. Standing out essentially implies the existence of competition and you need to acknowledge that healthy competition is real whether you notice it or not. That is why it is imperative that you take time to observe the work ethic of your employees before venturing into the process of executing your strengths. There’s a give and take in the workplace that management notices. HRMatrix will be discussing effort, communication, and collaborative motives. 

Go The Extra Mile

Going the extra mile is the first and foremost suggestion that we must discuss as this is a clear, transparent, and tangible effort that directly speaks of your character/work ethic. The rest of the tips, while they are impactfully beneficial, imply who you are in terms of earning that much-needed bonus, whereas going the extra mile is a clearly communicated approach. When you have completed your own tasks, and it is very important that you complete yours first, take the time to learn new skills and apply them in areas where the company prefers. Your goal is to make the company/business function more efficiently. You should also consider being a team player. Helping others out goes a long way and management certainly notice. 

Communicate Productivity

Communicating your productivity can do wonders for you as it kind of works as a mental note for employers and management. When you inform them or update them on a task that is complete, this will allow them to recognize your efficient work ethic. It’s of course, unwise of you to inform them of the completed responsibilities of your job because that’s what you were hired for. 

Voice Your Goals

Communicating your productivity is important. That certainly puts you in the target range however, sometimes it is helpful that you remain transparent with your goals and intentions. If you have done the work to earn a bonus, communicate that you are looking for a bonus. Inquire about it at the very least so that management knows that you are striving and have goals set for yourself. This doesn’t reflect poorly on your character in regards to the workplace unless you are not providing an optimal ethic at work.