When you are in the process of deciding who should earn a promotion, It is important that you review a list of qualities that are relevant to the growth of the workplace. HRMatrix is here to essentially provide you, the manager, a guide to help you assess your best employees in order to decide who truly should earn a promotion. Let's say you're in a predicament where there are many employees competing for promotion therefore they display a range of competitive qualities that make it a lot more difficult for you to decipher who is promotion worthy. 

You must look for enthusiasm, contribution, and an eager attitude. If all the competing employees harbor these excellent traits, then you must make the effort of evaluating their work ethic in detail of earn logic inc to fairly reward the most successful employee.

Look for Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is displayed in different ways, that is why it is very important that you observe your employees to see which of them are sincere and which of them are only looking for their personal gain. While it’s not necessarily a bad thing for an employee to strive for success that specifically benefits them, it is usually not productive for the workplace in the long run. This type of employee does not prioritize the ultimate wellbeing of the business/company and is looking for their cut only. You should be keeping an eye out for those who put the work and their valuable time to bring company goals to fruition.


One way of identifying enthusiasm from an employee is by looking at their General contribution to the workplace as it reflects wonderfully on their work ethic and really who they are as a person. Are they mentoring new employees? Do they go out of their way to complete a task? It is important that you look for this sort of specific effort in order to gauge one’s overall work ethic and enthusiasm. 

Vocal about Advancement

There is no shame in voicing your goals and the employees who are eager to earn a promotion usually communicate but they are striving for one. Now, there is a difference between asking for a promotion and communicating that they are working hard to earn a promotion. Asking for a promotion can come off as entitled. Understanding the difference between these two mentalities can help you decipher who should really be considered for a promotion. Also, think of it this way, when an employee is sincerely hard-working, they want to make it known in a respectful manner.