HRM Online Recruitment 

HRM recruitment is a systematic process of hiring Talent. It starts with identifying, attracting, evaluating, briefing the interview list, selecting and finalizing the hiring of the person who will best be able to fill the vacant posts in the organization.


In any business organization, employees are always considered to be their main asset and People Management is the most important function managed by their HRM Department. The main task of the Human Resource Management (HRM) Team is to maintain the pool of the organization's Human Capital pool which can lead to the selection of a suitable candidate. Recruitment aims to select and hire the right person for Job at the right time. The Human Resource Management Department usually looks at two major sources of employment namely internal and external sources of employment. The purpose of the recruitment process is to gather information on skilled and qualified people who may be interested in serving the organization effectively.

Online Recruitment

Today online or Recruitment is the most widely used way to hire potential employees. Various organizations use the Internet as a source of employment and often advertise vacancies at various job sites or job boards on their website. Candidates looking for an online job on a different job portal or job search engine find Jobs with similar skills submitting their applications or curriculum vitae (CV).

HRMatrix Recruitment Bot allows candidates to place their CVs or resumes online. This Online Recruitment Bot makes the recruitment procedures more productive and powerful, and in addition more affordable.


Advantages of online e-Recruitment 

The benefits of the Internet at Recruitment are:

  • There are no mediators.

  • Low cost for the organization.

  • Online Job posting is cheaper than advertising in a newspaper.

  • It helps to be employed with the necessary skills.

  • Reduction during employment (more than 65% of the rental period).

  • Provides 24 * 7 access to online resume collection.

  • Online hiring helps organizations remove unsuitable people automatically.


Employment is affected by a number of factors. These factors play a key role in whether the recruitment process will be successful or not.

Organization size

A large organization has a great need for new employees. You will have to look after more people, because the building will need more staff. On the other side of the spectrum, a small business, like a new company starting its operations, will only need dependent employees.

Comparing the two, it is clear that a small business will have a simple, straightforward and short-term hiring process, done only by one or two people. The larger organization, however, will have a longer and more complex recruitment process, in which several members of the organization will participate.

Working conditions within the organization

Maintaining employee satisfaction is one of the ways in which organizations retain their employees, and attract young people.

Candidates will start looking for work in companies or organizations that are known for providing good working conditions and looking after the health and well-being of their employees.

Organizational growth rate

There are fast-growing organizations, which means they will need new staff from time to time. However, there are also organizations that do not grow much, or at all. The time when these organizations with the lowest growth rates are most likely to seek out new employees will be when the older ones retire or resign.