How AI Recruitment Bot helps Autistic people in the interview process:

Autism is a complex developmental condition in which the patient feels problems with communication, non-verbal and behaviour. It is also called autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The effects and severity of ASD symptoms vary from person to person. The main problem that these persons are that they face problems with social interaction with others. These kinds of persons never meet with others and have issues in conversation with anyone. With this problem, they cannot give interviews for their jobs. For these particular persons, AI Recruitment Bot helps them in giving interviews.

Process of giving an interview in AI Recruitment Bot:

This is the modern era, and everyone is connected with the internet. Since everyone is connected to the internet, everything has started online, like shopping, applying for jobs or education, etc. Autistic people can apply online for jobs, but they face problems at the time of interviews and hesitate to go for interviews. AI recruitment bot gives the opportunity to give interviews online. In AI Recruitment Bot, there are online questions for the candidates. They take questions online and answer the inquiries which are asked. This is how AI Recruitment Bot helps Autistic people in the interview process:

  • Hesitation in interaction with people:

Autistic people hesitate to meet with other people, but through interviews in AI Recruitment Bot, they do not need to meet or talk to anyone. They only need to come online and answers the questions or do what the organization wants from them.

  • Developing Relations:

Autistic people dost not feel comfortable talking with other people, so they generally develop bad relations. In the interview, eye contact and good behaviour with the discussions are necessary for which they are not so good. But through AI Recruitment Bot, these things don't matter and have no importance in the interview. In this, you need to answers correctly, which satisfies the HR manager.

  • Helpful for HR Manager:

It is also helpful for HR managers because he doesn't need to spare his time to make any particular questions or behaving differently according to them with these kinds of persons.

HRMatrix allows Autistic people to give their interviews freely without going anywhere and meeting any people. In this process, your behaviour, communication, and non-verbal skills don't matter. As it is online and no person is watching you, there is no need for eye contact.