What's resume screening?

Resume screening is the process of relating good aspirants who fit stylishly with the job description. Recruiter/ HRTech platforms screen and match aspirants’ qualifications, experience, and other information on the CV against the job description to constrict the list of eligible campaigners.

Why is it important?

 Resume webbing allows the recruiter to examine the background of individualities and determine their felicity for the job and company culture.

 It also allows the beginner to consider whether the job announcement’s conditions are realistic for the job market. However, also the beginner may consider conforming their prospects for the job If there are no aspirants that have the needed chops and times of experience.

Challenges in homemade CV screening

 Time Homemade CV screening is an important lengthier process than using webbing software, as it involves the beginner reviewing each CV on their own.

 The trip recruiter may review the same CV multiple times if not originally honored ( aspirants reapply frequently)

 Volume It'll come clumsy to review each resume in high-volume reclamation scripts

 The quality recruiter may find it delicate to cleave to any particular standard while webbing. Parameters & scorecards may vary which can lead to unqualified rookies

 Bias Personal favoritism in terms of race, ethnicism, birth, etc may do deliberately or intentionally, which leads to prejudiced reclamation

 The result of Automated CV screening

 Homemade or traditional CV screening and hiring processes can not offer the delicacy, scalability, and trustability that enables associations to make their mortal resource capital in the haste of their growth. The answer lies in automating the entire reclamation process.

 How does it work?

  •  Automated CV screening streamlines the review process by selecting the best resumes grounded on keywords that match
  • Automating the CV screening process can indeed further be extemporized by establishing certain criteria that are estimated by the reclamation robotization platform with each new aspirant. Grounded on whether the seeker meets that criteria, the platform would also reject or advance its operation.
  •  Resume screening automation platforms enable real-time communication between recruiter and candidate that keeps them engaged throughout the reclamation process. All this without taking up any further of the recruiter's time.