How to Hire Someone Before Meeting Them

Hiring someone before meeting them has to be one of the most dramatic changes we’ve experienced throughout the company/business culture. Many employers are trying out different methods in order to obtain the right candidates. If you choose to conduct the interview process yourself, you might want to consider these tips! Let HRMatrix guide you to achieve outstanding results that benefit your workplace on an overall basis as it is surely not easy to hire someone you have not met before/met in person. 

Don’t Solely Rely on a Cold Reference Check/Letter

While it is important to obtain a reference letter as it supports the quality of a potential employee's work ethic it is equally as important to not solely rely on these reference letters as it might not always be 100% truthful. Sometimes employers that write these reference letters and reference checks may exaggerate the skill set that is stated of the employee so that they may land a job that they desire. You have to understand that reference letters may not always be honest and that they can exaggerate qualities that you are specifically looking for. Not only that some employees write their own reference letters and have the employer sign off. 

Involve Team 

Involving the team to conduct the process of hiring may be beneficial for you as other departments can step in to gauge the different qualities that are needed for the particular job that the candidate is interviewing for. Getting help from departments is a great way to gauge the candidate’s skills and qualities, so don’t think that there is any shame in getting help to conduct the interview process. Your goal is to find the right employee, so you must apply your best efforts and use all of the resources possible in order to achieve that stated goal. 

Give Them Sample Work to Gauge Credibility 

Many interview processes use this as a crutch, however, you do not have to only depend on this particular variable. This is a great method though as you can clearly and directly observe the qualities a candidate claims on their resume or reference letter. The candidate is in a position where he/she/they must prove themselves and their skills. If they hit the mark, that serves as a great benefit for them in the interview process. If they do not hit the mark, that means that the skills that they claimed they have is untruthful, making it easier for you to decide which employee best suits the vacant job. 

Understand Why They Prefer to Work at this Company 

If a candidate qualifies, you want to be extra sure that they can fit the environment of the workplace too! Imagine if you hire an overly qualified employee who refuses to get along with other departments and other colleagues, that means you made the wrong decision. You want to be sure that you hired someone that is well rounded  and capable on an overall basis