How to Get That Promotion

HRMatrix recognizes that you are achievers, but we want to do more than merely acknowledge your strive and determination. While these are fantastic qualities to have in the workplace, it is equally important to give these traits direction. The application of your efforts could be rendered void if it is not executed correctly. 

Execution requires organizational skills, focus, persistence and pardon. Though the last quality is out of range from the rest, it is quite a relevant and beneficial element that can actively strengthen your workplace performance. Let us begin with the first three traits before discussing the topic of pardon.

Organizational skills 

Organizational skills regarding the execution of your efforts simply represents the ability to recognize your strengths and departmentalize. How you view your strengths is important and the perspective should be broken down into a list of priorities. If your job requires a certain performance, be sure to hone on the particular strengths that are required immediately. This is the practice of organization. Essentially what we are saying is, make sure the qualities you are applying are prioritized.  



Focus is almost self explanatory. Provide your attention to time-sensitive tasks and apply your efforts in order to have each task reach its fullest potential. Focus goes a long way when it is spent in the perfection of each project. 


Persistence  is everything. Persistence eventually gets noticed. So when you come in Monday through Friday and put in work to the best of your ability, eventually the consistency will be noted as the frequency of the quality of your work could no longer be comparable to your colleagues. Your persistence will allow you to stand out, and as a bonus, the superious who garner the ability to offer a promotion will remember that your workplace functionality is responsible. You come in and give your best consistently- how could that go wrong?


Though consistency and persistence is greatly admired, we understand that this commitment is not forever and energy needs to be sustained before applying said persistence. You need to learn how to forgive yourself when you lack ability, because if you don’t approach yourself with an open mind to understand your weaknesses, it will inevitably be a lot harder to develop. It is important to monitor your well-being before going full-throttle at work. We want to avoid burning out at your job, so be sure to pardon yourself when the quality of your labor varies.


Earning that promotion is not an easy goal, and it is often a delayed journey. However, HRMatrix is here to provide you with the steps to increase the rate of consideration. So long as you continue to apply yourself while also managing your well-being, you will achieve that goal. HRMatrix is a source of support and guidance to you. Be sure to connect with your weaknesses as much as you recognize your strengths and prioritize these elements before creating a consistent effort.